I'm on my way. I'm making it.

About Me and this Site

My name is Michael Todd Lewis, though my friends call me Bigtime, or more often Biggie or just Big. My pronouns are whatever you feel like, but most people use he/him with me. This website serves as a new blog for me, just somewhere to capture some thoughts and share things I find interesting.

About me: I am a software development team leader by trade. I believe very deeply in the principles of servant leadership and find great joy in helping others be successful.

I also dabble in creating art, making music, and writing. I am tattoo collector. I love dogs. I love music and art and reading. I enjoy hiking and trying new restaurants or visiting old favorites. I like laughing with my friends.

Life isn’t just for surviving. It’s for joy and meaning and fulfillment. Not just bread, but roses too.